S.MILES is an expert in school bus and children transportation & management in Vietnam (currently available in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi) which can help manage nearly 900 students daily. Our platform supports public and/or privately owned schools, colleges, establishments, bus company/provider to organize the whole school bus structure from the early stage to the daily tasks.

Project Name
Smile Bus Management Mobile App

Design, Development, Maintenance


Mobile App

The Situation

Fully dedicated to the end-users’ main concern, we understand the increasing need for children security that parents have to endure when their children are on board with daily school bus routes. With solid experiences and profound knowledge in developing complicated yet adaptable mobile applications, we proposed to our client an all-in-one solution that implements strict standards and processes to make sure the school bus service meets the expectation of all related stakeholders (our client, the school, children and the parents).

The Challenge

Building a mobile app that is the all-in-one solution to the whole bus management structure that addresses every stakeholder’s need was not an easy task. The product was built to cover multiple requests from Registration & payment follow-up, Implementation of Pick-up & Drop-off points, Routes and Time Optimization, Management of Vehicle Fleet and Drivers to Routes, Schedule of Arrival and Departure, Bus Staff Management, and Student School Timetable Monitoring. It requires a dedicated team with a full capacity of experienced UI/UX design and skilful DevOps.

Our Solution

Amagumo Labs intensely focused on source code writing, bringing two critical elements of realtime management and an interactive interface for users to quickly get essential information. This application allows, at a quick glance, different end-users to handle multiple activities on the app at the same time, and provides actual, precise information without compromising user-friendliness and operation efficiencies.

  • The back-office data provides the school and/or its dedicated team with all relevant intel regarding school bus concerns,
  • Parents are able to know their children’s detailed pick-up and drop-off info thanks to the GPS platform
  • Bus drivers can access monitoring functions via an efficient route & time management process

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