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We engineer, develop and implement tailored mobile and desktop solutions that help our Clients lead their sector:

Electronic Medical Records (Hospitals), Commodities Stocks & Prices (Trading Firms), Enterprise Resource Planner (Design Furniture)...

And everything in-between.

Responsive Websites

Our added-value is an end-to-end service that comprises both framework and content.

Our Websites are designed and programmed back-end to front-end, for all kinds of businesses and all kinds of purposes, while our marketers and writers word the message that embodies the values you stand for.


The Big Data approach is not a trend but a necessity for any company that gathers large amounts of data.

We help businesses identify threats and opportunities with Datamodeling and Datamining. We also maintain databases with Architecture Design and Query Tuning.

Network Operations Center

Our Office integrates 24:7 IT infrastructure Monitoring services provided by IPSIP, our partner.

Hardware/Software security is ensured by Operators and System Administrators, in a state-of-the-art N.O.C. with integrated videosurveillance, fingerprint-based restricted access and video wall providing round-the-clock live data.


Amagumo Labs is a Web Development Studio composed of talented, hard-working people, sharing the same dedication to supporting businesses with cutting-edge software for Management and outstanding websites for Reputation.

We are Marketers, Creatives, Database Experts and Developpers who love turning ideas into digital products. We make them beautiful and meaningful: delighting for their audience and rewarding for their owners.

Things we do, and how we do them

Angular JS, PHP Laravel, Java Struts, HTML5

Our Applications are programmed with
AngularJS, PHP Laravel, Java Struts.

Our Websites are developped in HTML5/CSS3
and often enhanced with jQuery effects.

We build software from the ground up.
This means we engineer our products in a way
that ensures upgradability throughout their life cycle.

We tailor our software to the Client's needs with an Agile workflow, for a Client's vision can evolve along the project's development.


PHP Laravel




JAVA - Struts


Angular JS

Portfolio Of Our Recent Works



CT Eye Hospital


CT Eye Hospital is Vietnam's best private ophthalmologic hospital.

CT Eye Hospital enjoyed a very high reputation amongst local patients. However, its top-notch healthcare services were still little known on an international scale.

Targeting international patients meant different website expectations from this new public. While the local website was appreciated by local users, it didn't fit the tastes of an international audience.

Amagumo created a fully responsive website that checked all the boxes of international design criteria in terms of features, modern layouts, fontfaces, and high-resolution images - for which we conceived and managed a two days photo shoot with a professional photographer.

Amagumo created genuine content for CT Eye Hospital's website in a move to convey a sense of excellence as well as genuineness to international visitors.

Endorsement and referral being key to any healthcare provider, social media features were implemented on every page, CT's tweets were displayed on a Twitter feed and blogging was embedded onto the homepage and synchronized with the hospital's international facebook page, ensuring increased visibility and reach.

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IPSIP Group operates in various technological sectors and used to have three different brands, each with its own website and identity. This resulted in a blurred online presence, and a degraded impact.

We were asked to not only create a new website, but also to merge their three activities in a way that would grant them a common identity.

Key to reaching this goal was finding relevance, unity, and perhaps more importantly synergies, in a very diverse range of activities.

Genuine content was created and provided in English, French and Japanese.

Finally, we organised a photo shoot with a professional photographer to offer a genuine glimpse at IPSIP Group's activity and staff.

IF Consulting


IF Consulting (owner of InsuranceinAsia.com) is a French insurance advisor located in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam).

InsuranceinAsia needed a modern website providing a slick experience on a par with its top-notch services boasting 91% loyalty from clients.

The website had to provide fast and crystal clear info on insurance premiums, transparency and serenity being key-criteria for any insurance business.

To many insurees, the insurance business is perceived as a jungle that leaves them powerless. So, we pictured their visitors as studious and eager for clarifications.

We therefore opted for a clean, uncluttered flat design, with a print-inspired layout that was meant to convey a sense of serenity. The website also had to be easy to update with content whenever a new service was being offered, so WordPress came as the natural Content Management System for this project.

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Paddi Exhibition


PADDI stands for Department of Urban Planning and Architecture. It is a French institution, based in the French city of Lyon.

PADDI was organising a free exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City, revolving around the history and strategic issues of town planning in the cities of Lyon (France) and Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam). Amagumo was asked to create the exhibition's official website.

The official website was only one side of the mission. Amagumo was also responsible for creating an app that would allow visitors to interact with the exhibition's subject on wide touchscreens.

We created a WordPress-based, trilingual responsive website. During the exhibition, visitors were able to scan a QR code that led them to the exhibition's official website, filled with additional content.

The app allowed visitors to discover the cities of Ho Chi Minh and Lyon by following an interactive route filled with stories, pictures and videos on the theme of architecture and urban development. During the exhibition, our staff hid and witnessed visitors greatly enjoyed using this app on giant touchscreens scattered over the place, which was a very fun and rewarding moment for us.

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Actu Solvency 2

Mobile Application

Addactis wanted to provide to its clients free legal information with the ease of use of an app. Challenge: the content was very dense (legal info) and liable to drown the user.

Our client was also looking for a simple work-around to create a simple app working on iPhone and iPad without the constraints of having to go through the whole App Store Process.

Amagumo created a handy web-app gathering all needed information within an interface that was very familiar to all iOS users.

Upon opening the app, two clicks only would make the app icon appear next to other apps shortcuts: the app was then already loaded in the cache for both online and offline use.

Electronic Medical Record

Web Application

CT Eye Hospital is Vietnam's best private ophthalmologic hospital.

CT Eye Hospital needed the most efficient hospital management system to track patients records: doctors in charge, diagnosis, treatment progress, and other micro-processes. The hospital did have a patient management software, but it wasn't scalable enough to sustain the evergrowing number of patients examined and treated everyday.

CT Eye Hospital has several satellites needing to be constantly updated with new patient info to ensure the relevancy and consistency of their medical process.

A cloud-based architecture was therefore needed. We created an architecture, modular by design, which allowed to track each patient's medical process live, while allowing new features and criteria to be added at any time.

Besides, the flow of patients being so high, hospital staff needed not only to be able to register and track patients in the most efficient way at the reception desk, but instead the staff had to be mobile by having the ability to register patients without having them going from one room to the other.

So we brought the registration desk to the patients, placing the system into every hospital staff's hands, with iPads, and we made the architecture cross-platform so that support staff could move freely from counters to waiting rooms.

We also installed servers with IPSIP, our partner, to support the hospital's network in each of its satellites.

Business Process Manager

Web Application

Sketch is Wooden's Stories Design Furniture brand.

To cope with Sketch's growing popularity, Wooden Stories needed a management software that could ensure total control over its various processes while always keeping the big picture in sight. Stock(s), Quotations, Production Batches, Shipping, Payments... Every single aspect was included.

Because Wooden Stories' processes were unique to its business structure, the software had to be perfectly tailored and thus built from the ground up. Due to its international presence, the new software had to be hosted online and be cross-platform.

Using Laravel PHP, we developed a management software using an intuitive interface that hid complex rules. Project development was Agile, following shifting priorities and evolving business environment.

We also provided training as well as support to help everyone get familiar with their new tool, and hosted and managed the database within our infrastructure, with IPSIP our partner.

Developing such products incidentally helps our clients spot flaws within their own workflow. And that's the beauty of it. A digital product is like a magnifying glass for your own company: the workflow questioning and corporate soul-searching are often included in the package.

Audace HR Consulting


Audace HR Consulting is a Recruitment Cabinet.

Our Client asked to create a website that would look smart while acting as a platform to exchange information in both ways: Audace HR Consulting would publish job offers, applicants would search for relevant offers and apply online.

To ensure user-friendly job offers publishing, we went for WordPress as Content Management System.

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Insurance Premiums Comparator


IF Consulting needed a tool that would give people the opportunity to see for themselves insurance packages (called premiums) best suiting their needs in a way that would be both comprehensive and comprehensible.

Because insurance can be complicated, and though people spend time choosing their insurance options, they are not always able to ascertain they will not end up being either under or over-insured.

We thought people shouldn't have to waste time thinking about insurance options when an algorithm can do the job for them. We created a simple, interactive questionnaire with an algorithm that processes the relevant criteria, ensuring each user gets a tailored insurance premium.

The touch experience made it playful and hugely popular among expatriates settled in South-East Asia.

Coming up with great concepts for one's business is exciting for sure. Yet at the end of the day, your product should positively impact your business' revenue. This was what IF Consulting needed, and that's where we stepped in.

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